Mission & Vision

SPAIRO provides an extra pair of hands for busy docs and stressed parents.

For parents & caregivers of children with behavioral health challenges, SPAIRO offers learning tools
and coaching to provide easy access for early intervention behavior management training. 

For providers, SPAIRO will increase efficiency, reduce cost of care, improve quality of care,
and increase patient satisfaction.

The Problem:
Pediatric practices suffer when they’re bogged down by patient visits for behavior problems connected to a chronic condition. 

 Autism · ADHD · Childhood Obesity · Tantrum · Trauma

The Possibility:
Personalized and attentive care for patients and families
without increasing workload for doctors. 

The Solution:
Empower the parents and caregivers. 

What SPAIRO Delivers

• Training that is tailored specifically to the capabilities of the child (e.g. non-verbal, words, phrases, sentences).
• Training content developed at Yale and other centers and curated by published experts.
• Training content and approach specifically designed to meet or exceed AAP and CMS guidelines for parent training, as appropriate.
• Prescribed training includes 1:1 coaching and assessments of training fidelity.
• Prescriber subscription model. 

How it Works

Skills Training for Parents and Caregivers

Even under the best of circumstances parenting can be a challenging and exhausting effort. Parents of children with challenging behaviors seek help from their pediatrician first. Behavioral health, early intervention and other programs are over-subscribed and often have extensive waiting lists. Children with clinical challenges can also have serious behavioral differences that can interfere with happy family life and good parenting. Our training is behavior-specific, available immediately, and is designed to help parents and other caregivers to develop skills to deal with their child’s behavior when the child is not under direct clinical supervision.

Become an expert

With our training, parents gain the skills and confidence to manage the behavior of their children. Our exclusive training platform and content leverage the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis — the gold standard for behavior management training. Our hybrid online training is rooted in research and best practices from top clinicians at Yale Child Study Center and other experts.

Apply the Lesson to Life

Spairo training comes in bite-size chunks. Parents develop a skill, have a chance to put it into practice, and then have an interaction with a coach to reinforce the training. Skills can be employed right away. The differences are measurable and encouraging.

Get Real Coaching

More than moral support, coaches help parents to attain specific goals. Our online training combines easy-to-navigate 15-30 minute modules with real-time coaching sessions to confirm skill uptake, provide tips, and to complete formal documentation for the ordering clinician.

Benefits to Providers

We help overburdened providers manage utilization resulting from motivated parents seeking interventions and resolution of challenges resulting from challenging child behavior. Spairo helps to “lower the temperature” and provide meaningful help to parents. We supply providers with tracking, full documentation and quality measures to support billing and quality tracking.

1)    We supplement online training with coaching interactions to enhance outcomes and provide formal tests and evidence of fidelity to the training.

2)    Delivers substantiation suitable for inclusion in the medical record and used to HEDIS compliance, etc.

3)    Documentation substantiates coding and billing, as applicable.

4)    SPAIRO training reduces necessity for office visits associated with behavior management.

5)      “Prescriber-Only” content includes curated bibliography, prescribing information, and other relevant content.

6)    Efficacy/outcomes tracking provides de-identified retrospective reporting at the prescriber, practice, and SPAIRO population levels.

Benefits to parents:

We make evidence-based parent training from top academic centers available anytime to parents anywhere.

We help parents make the best use of their time while working with their pediatrician and other specialists. Our training fills a critical gap between primary care, early intervention, and behavioral health services.

• Parent gets training that helps to dial down their and their child’s anxiety. 

• Helps decrease the use of additional services by parents.

• Reduces necessity for office visits.

• Makes family life more stable and predictable. 

• Increases the comfort and happiness for child and parent.

• Establishes consistent behavior and communication standards.

Ultimately, SPAIRO makes a happier home life for families with children that have behavioral health problems


• Standards based

• Highly secure

• HIPPA compliant

• Prescriber driven