Current standard of care for many pediatric behavioral health conditions calls for parents to be trained by behavioral therapists. However, demand for this training is far greater than the availability at clinics, where waiting times for appointments can be greater than a year. In addition, a large percentage of the US population does not live near a behavioral health clinic, and these parents do not have access to such services. Therefore, a care model that calls for parents of children with behavioral health conditions to receive training in medical clinics is not scalable. Currently, pediatric practices bear the burden of the effects of parents not able to access this type of training. This causes both parents and children to use additional services and jeopardizes practices that populations in risk-based payment models.

Servicing this market in its entirety would produce annual revenues of $100,000,000. MindNest Health, Inc. is poised to service markets beyond the pediatric behavioral health market in future product releases.