MindNest Health is a digital parent training system that enables parents to use the same clinically validated behavior interventions with their kids that are used by experts at academic centers. Our platform was designed by doctors at the Yale School of Medicine to support parents and caregivers of children with behavioral health challenges associated with pediatric conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Childhood Obesity, and Trauma.

Studies show that early intervention is critical for improving outcomes, however, receiving care from a top child behavioral health center requires proximity to one of these centers, and often many months of waiting. This decreases the chances for the best outcomes for the children and contributes to multiple issues within the family unit.  

SPAIRO is the name of MindNest’s digital health platform.  Spairo teaches parents skills and techniques typically only available from these top child behavioral health centers. Our goal is to democratize and increase access to important components of high-quality care for children with autism and other behavioral conditions. 

Spairo is made available to parents and caregivers through their pediatrician or family practice provider. For providers, SPAIRO will increase efficiency, reduce cost of care, improve quality of care, and increase patient satisfaction.

SPAIRO provides an extra pair of hands for
busy doctors and stressed parents.